Scottish regional weather

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Weather in Scotland

Contrary to popular belief it doesn't rain all the time in Scotland! In fact the climate is remarkably good - although changeable might perhaps sum it up best. If it is raining where you are, then you can usually drive a short way and find glorious sunshine. Hailstones are not unknown in June, but the summers are usually sunny - May and September are also excellent months to visit Scotland with often the best weather of the year then.

There are regional variations in Scottish weather. The east coast of Scotland is much drier then the west coast: in fact Fife boasts that it is the driest part of Scotland. The west coast is wetter, but it is warmed by the Gulf Stream so when it is sunny it can be very hot. Scottish people do talk about the weather a lot (as do all British people!) - everyone will have an opinion as to whether it is about to snow or a heat-wave is on the way.

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